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28 May, 2022


New insights, new questions, always Juro…



Welcome to Jurolytics: home of Sino@Jurolytics, Juro-dev@Jurolytics, IR@Jurolytics, Rise@Jurolytics, Myops@Jurolytics, Sync@Jurolytics, Futureberg@Jurolytics, and more to come…

This website hosts all of the Jurolytics blogs that can be accessed either via the slider on the hompage or their respective subdomains. Jurolytics is a network of personal blogs that serve information purposes only. Please refer to the “About” section of each individual blog for further details. I hope to produce interesting content for all of these websites, but some may possibly be discontinued due to shifting priorities or lack of resources. Therefore, this website should always be seen as a constant work in progress.

Currently, Jurolytics hosts the following blogs:



Sino: Posts on current events, politics, culture, foreign relations, and the human geography of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong in general.





Dev: A selection of my current digital projects.





IR: Here you will find all of my posts dedicated to the great field of International Relations (IR) which will largely revolve around the topics of IR theory, international law, economics & trade, and regional & global governance.




Rise: My approach to self-development and building your impact.





Myops: Juro searching for the truth as a citizen journalist, analyst, and follower of Socrates.





Sync: A journey into the syncretic elements and influences of my identity.





Futureberg: [German only for now – under construction…] Ein Blick auf wirtschaftliche, politische und gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen im Oberbergischen.




Most of the images used across Jurolytics websites have either been designed by the wonderful Ada Gupta or have been downloaded from Unsplash, Pixabay, and Fontmeme. I am grateful for the fact that the artists, designers, photographers etc. behind these works have agreed to releasing so much of their material under royalty-free licensing. The internet would be a much less colorful and expressive place without them!

Finally, I do not seek the claim of being an expert on any of the various subtopics, which is why I am open to and excited about any of your constructive feedback! Hat tips will be performed where credit is due.

So long for now and hope you enjoy Jurolytics!